About Salaris Tea

C.s.e.™ short for Caesalpinia sappan extract is a trademark registered with the Registrar of Trademarks Malaysia under Class 5 as a botanic drink for medicinal use.  Comprised into a fine blend of mix from the Fabaceae family, C.s.e.™ is an all natural supplementary drink botanically safe due to the ingredient  comes from the heartwood of the tree commonly held by botanists as an insulated area protected from hazardous poison of soil contamination.

Apart from it’s safety features having no traces of toxic minerals like arsenic, cadmium, lead or mercury, C.s.e.™  had been indicated to dissolve naturally in the body based on the Cytochrome P450 test.

Processed according to the highest standards set by the Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, SALARIS 4GM has been tested, certified and approved as Traditionally used for General Health Maintenance.

Rich with magnesium, calcium and potassium that accommodate electrolytes in the human body to function, C.s.e.™ offers all these fundamental elements naturally in one sachet pack easy to prepare and consume for the modern day community.